The Italian Turkey Day

Monday – Thursday (TURKEY DAY!), 22 to the 25 November

Monday it was back to work for me/ a little recuperation time. I was exhausted. Having also sort of been gone the last week (I was working on a few assignments from my laptop, but no where near the normal work load) I had a lot to catch up on at work. Avian Influenza’s high season is coming up so there is a lot to prepare!

On Tuesday (23) my parents got into Roma! After work I met them in their hotel. I make lists of things I want to see when I visit cities, and I had modified my list for my parents earlier. So first thing we did was sit down and find places on the map for them tomorrow. We then decided to have dinner at the Spanish Steps that night. Typically I avoid this area because it is so crowded and touristy. Pickpockets can be bad here, my friend had 700 euros stolen out of his wallet! Yikes. But for once it was quiet. I have never seen the steps so empty! What a treat. We had dinner at a nice little restaurant that wasn’t too touristy, and enjoyed our evening.

So while my parents were here in Rome they did a ton of super cool things. They did guided tours, saw all the famous sites, did catacombs- Everything you should to have a great time in Rome. However, I wasn’t there, I was working. So I can’t really give you the details or share pictures. However I know that they had a great time, and they really enjoyed their guided tours (If you can afford it always do the guided tours). I just joined them after work, typically with enough time to show them something and then to get dinner. However we did have fun. My dad convinced me to try Boar on Wednesday. He used to be a butcher so he knows his meats. He said it was good boar but farm raised. I don’t really know how I felt about it. It was different, not bad but weird.

Now Thursday was of course Thanksgiving! I met my parents after work and we to headed down to Trastevere. This is not a real touristy area, it used to be where all the workers lived. Now it’s one of the more nicer neighborhoods in Rome. Since it is real Roman (aka none to little tourists) the restaurants don’t open till late. We went to this nice little wine shop and had a bottle and relaxed while we waited for the restaurants to open. We had decided on this beautiful little place, because when we first walked in thinking they were open, we found out that it was the family and employees having their dinner and we had to come back in an hour! My Dad and I really wanted to eat there now because, I mean, it was a real local restaurant. And those are the best in Italy.

And it was work the wait. Best Thanksgiving dinner EVER. We ordered the chiefs specials and shared them amongst ourselves. This was actually one of the few things I took pictures of this week.

Our appetizer with homemade bread, and local cheeses and prosciutto.


Two different pasta dishes, a gnocchi and my favorite – Carbonara.


And our meat, which was some kind of beef, wrapped around carrots and onions and slathered in a delicious tomato sauce. I don’t remember what it was called (it was in Italian come on!), but oh my gosh it was amazing. I have never had meat that tasted so wonderful.



And of course desert. We were all painfully stuffed at this point, but my Dad and I have a real weakness for Tiramisu. When we ordered it our waiter asked us if we also wanted a Birramisu… We had to try it (While Tiramisu is made with coffee, Birramisu is made with beer)! Which was almost better in my opinion. It was sweeter and didn’t have the sometimes sharp coffee taste of Tiramisu (I don’t like coffee but I love Tiramisu, I know, I know).


This is how to eat Italian. Local, amazing, and surprisingly inexpensive!

During dinner we planned out my parents last Saturday, which was to be at Naples to see the beautiful ruins of Pompeii! We headed home, full of delicious food and happy memories, ready to meet up tomorrow for one last weekend of fun!