The City in Ash

Note: Sorry again, crazy busy week, you will be getting at least two or three posts this weekend!

Saturday, 29 November

After work on Friday I joined my parents for dinner and then we retired to their hotel room. Since our train to Napoli left so early it was easier for me to just spend the night (depending on the bus driver’s wiliness to work it can take me anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half to get into the city center some days!).

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and headed over to Termini to jump on the train. It was a regional one, so it took a few hours, but then we arrived! The intention on this trip was to see Pompeii so we headed straight over there. The weather was perfect, not to overcast but not hot. Due to advice from one of my co-workers we decided to join a tour.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Even though it cost a little more tour guides can make the city come alive. One of my favorite tips from him was how you could tell the nicer areas of town based on the amount of crossing rocks (when it rained the city flooded so there were crossing stones in the roads) and if there were also chunks of light rocks in between the cobblestones. In the nicer areas of town the roads had two lanes, and so there were two crossing rocks. In the poorer areas they were only one way so there was only one crossing rock. The lighter rocks (often marble) were not there for decoration. They actual functioned as streetlamps! At night the rocks would reflect back the moonlight making the roads a little brighter!

Lets go exploring


The entrance of the city


The nice area’s road, see the lighter rock


Inside a bathhouse


City streets


Mi Padres


Ancient “Propaganda” or what we would call ‘advertising’ in the US


The crossing stones!


Family Picture


This is an old ‘Take Away’ (Roman fast food) restaurant! How cool! See the counters?


The Theater


The Forum looking towards Vesuvius

DSCN8775  DSCN8792


All in all Pompeii was amazing. It was so massive; we could have spent two days in there easily. It is so beautifully preserved, it is easy to imagine how life must have been like. You can even still see the grooves in the roads. Beautiful. Definitely Pompeii is a must for any traveler who loves history!

However we wanted to see some of the rest of Naples so we headed back to the city center! More on that next!