Sunday, 30 November

Today is my parents last full day in Italy. Tonight they will spend the night at a hotel next door to the airport and get on their plane at 6am! Since it was Sunday we decided to go to the market. There is a really good one over at Porta Portese that is only on Sunday. It has a little of everything and the quality and prices vary wildly! We saw everything from stalls selling underwear for a euro each to woodcarvers and leather salesmen. It was an interesting experience because this market is enormous. We wandered all over and saw a little bit of everything.

For lunch we headed back to where we had Thanksgiving since it was right by where we currently were! We shared the specials again, which were different this time. Still absolutely amazing, no surprise.

After lunch we wandered back towards the general direction of the hotel, stopping at shops along the way. My parents needed to do some souvenir shopping. We walked around a lot, and even stopped to see the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore on the way.

Once we got back to their hotel and picked up their luggage we headed to Termini where I sent them off on the train to the airport and their hotel for the night.

It was really nice having them visit and it was cool to be able to show them around (although my Dad kept insisting on leading the way when we were walking somewhere unfamiliar even though that’s how I find everything, by wandering, haha). It was also nice to see Roma from the tourist’s perspective. Since I started working the day after I arrived, I became familiar with the city quickly. Now I often get asked for directions on the streets in Italian, haha. Considering my ability to speak Italian is still pretty poor (although I understand it pretty well) it’s always kind of funny. Normally I can help a little at least. If I can’t understand them well enough and I ask if they speak English, they often try to ‘guess’ where I am from. German is the most common, although British and Russian have been guessed more than once. Often they point to my hair and go ‘German?’ I have never once gotten American though.

Hopefully the next place I live is also as cool to visit!!!


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